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It can not be that you are not burned by curiosity, what sex will your baby. Are there ways to determine the sex of the child yourself? As it turned out, there are studies confirming that there are certain factors that contribute specifically to conceiving a son or daughter, for example, depending on the time of year in which the child was conceived, or the presence of stress at work with you or your partner.

Keep in mind, most of these theories are not supported by sufficient evidence from a scientific point of view, and some - the subject of loud discussions among experts. Often, fathers want a son, and mothers want a daughter, and even think about how to plan the sex of the child. But even when the pregnancy has already arrived, it is rather fun to speculate. Read on to see what statistics mean for you.

Gender of the child: signs that you will have a boy

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Are you married with a partner or living together?

According to one large-scale survey based on 48 million cases of childbirth, sons are more often born to married couples. Another study, in which 86,000 parents took part, suggests that those couples who were living together at the time of conception have great chances that a boy will be born.

Almost half of the couples (51.5%) living together at the time of conception have a son compared to 49.9% of those who lived separately. Experts have not yet found any explanation of the reasons for the birth of boys in couples living together


You live together less than a year

If your relationship is still fresh and exciting, it most likely means frequent sex. And he, in turn, means that the sperm with the male chromosome has some advantage.
Why? Spermatozoa with a male chromosome is easier, they have smaller heads and tails. This allows them to slide more freely in a slightly less hospitable mucus into the vagina at the beginning and at the end of days favorable for conception.

Some experts believe that the sperm with the female chromosome are more likely to reach the egg in the middle of the fertility period.

So if you have frequent sex, there are great chances of sexual intercourse at the beginning and end of the fertile days when men’s sperm have a slight advantage.

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You eat well

In one study, 740 British women were divided into groups according to calorie intake.Among the women who had the highest daily calories (about 2413 calories), 56 percent had boys.

Among women who had the lowest percentage of calorie intake per day (about 2,283 calories), only 45 percent had boys.

Another study is based on the theory that among the 68 million mothers surveyed, boys were born to those who gained more weight during pregnancy.

The male fetus is more fragile and, according to statistics, it is more difficult to conceive and endure if there is not enough food to enter the body. Spermatozoa with a female chromosome are more resistant, and the fetus of a female is more tolerant at an early stage of pregnancy, therefore, they are able to survive even with less food intake and poorer nutrition.

Conception happened in the summer

You can try to determine the sex of the child by the date of conception. In some countries, most boys were conceived in the summer, and girls in the winter.

This happens, possibly because in winter the number of viral and bacterial infections increases. And since the male chromosomes and embryos are more fragile, they are less likely to resist the infection from the mother than the female.


You have gestational diabetes

Women carrying boys have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes. The reason has not been established, but it is possible that male embryos interfere with the functioning of the cells, which affects glucose metabolism.

Gender of the child: signs that you will have a girl

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You are 35 and the future dad is 40 years old

The older the father and mother, the greater the likelihood that the sperm with the female chromosome will fertilize the egg. This can happendue tohormonal changes in the body of a woman. More mature men produce less sperm with the male chromosome.

Or else, the reason is that in more mature couples, sex more often occurs in the middle of the fertile period, when spermatozoa with the female chromosome prevail over the spermatozoa from the male.


In the morning you are very sick and tearing

Nausea in the morning can also help determine the sex of the child. You are more likely to have a daughter if you have a strong morning sickness (toxicosis).

In 13 studies, it was found that 55 percent of children born to women who had strong morning toxemia were female.

For comparison, the remaining part of the control group (49 percent) was taken, not experiencing morning sickness.Some experts believe that it is associated with high levels of the hormone estrogen, which is associated with morning nausea and vomiting.

Too hot in your area or too cold

A study of childbirth in Japan from 1968 to 2012 showed that during a particularly hot summer in 2010 a large number of girls were conceived, and the second such boom occurred in the extremely cold winter of 2011.

Other studies aimed at finding out the sex of the unborn child have shown that warm temperatures are associated with the birth of girls. A global survey of birth data showed that the largest number of girls in the world are born in the tropics (an area near the equator). So you can plan the sex of the child - forward to the tropics for a daughter!

According to one theory, extreme weather conditions are stressful. In addition to uncomfortable temperatures, in very hot or very cold regions there is often poor nutrition, high levels of pollution, and also insufficient or excessive amounts of sunlight.

Such stress is especially hard tolerated by male fruits, which are more fragile than female fetuses in the first months of pregnancy.

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You have hard work

Women who perform intense and stressful mental work outside the home are more likely to give birth to a girl.

The study, based on more than 16,000 children born in a British hospital, found that among women whose work is considered very intense, 53 percent have daughters. For comparison, 46 percent of women with less hard work have daughters.

Dad's future job is about chemicals or stress

Several studies, which took as a basis the profession of the father and the sex of the child, have found that fathers, whose work is connected with stress or chemicals, are more likely to raise their daughters.

The studies were rather narrow, relying only on a few professions, dads have the following daughters more often than usual in the following jobs:

  • professional driver
  • deep sea diver
  • underwater radar technician
  • worker at the plant
  • pilot


Conception occurred after hormonally induced ovulation

Some studies among women who used hormones to induce ovulation have shown that the chances of having a girl are higher if artificial hormones such as clomiphene are used for conception.However, this opinion is controversial.

You already have two or more children.

It is possible that the more children you have, the more likely that the next child will be a girl. This may be due to the fact that the more pregnancies you have suffered, the higher the level of the hormone gonadotropin. Some experts attribute this to increased chances of conceiving just girls.


You perezhazhivaet

The pregnancy of those with whom girls are born is slightly delayed. Boys, most often, are born on time, but after40thweeks of advantage are more likely on the side of the girl.

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