Plots of money and wealth

Conspiracies and ceremonies for money

Money ritual

For its implementation will needtwelve coins from yellow metal. In the period of the waning moon at midnight you need to go with coins to the street. There, at the first deserted crossroad, holding the coins in your palm and substituting them under the moonlight, you need to read the words of the prayer:

“From the sun, everything grows and multiplies, and money from the moonlight. Grow, multiply, add. Enrich me (your name), come to me. Amen!"

It is necessary to read the words of the prayer three times, after which you can go home, where the coins are put in a purse and used to buy the necessary things. Actmonetary ritewill start immediately after execution, and the first results will be noticeable in about a month. Usingconspiracy on moneyguarantees the result only if the person believes in it. Otherwise, the magic will not have a positive impact on your situation.

Conspiracy to money with a green candle

Getting quick money if you urgently need a certain amount will helpconspiracy to moneywith a green candle.This ceremony will help to find a solution to the most difficult situation and solve all problems. To complete it, you will need two green wax candles. At noon, we need to light candles and, looking at the fire, read the words of the prayer:

“Lord God, Jesus Christ, help me find help! Your slaves went across the sky, they dragged bags, there was money in the bags. These bags opened, the money all fell! Then I went to the bottom, I collected the money, and took everything home. Candles burn, money in the house go. Amen!"

To readmoney plotwith a green candle to thrice, and then give the candles burn out. Put a piece of wax in your wallet as a talisman to get quick results.

Money rite

To increase profits and improve your financial situation should be donecash rites. The magic of these rituals operates in one single direction - to attract luck in terms of money.Money Conspiraciesshould be read only when you believe in their power.

For this ritual, you will need a glass of water and three coins of average value. At noon, lower the coins into the water and read the words of the prayer:

“Voditsa-Voditsa, share with your strength, bring prosperity to my family, help me increase profits! Help me make other coins all come to me! ”

Repeat the words five times, the field of which the glass with the coins and water should be removed to an inaccessible place for strangers. For the rite to act in the morning and evening, you need to splash conspiracy water into your wallet.

Ritual to the bill and piggy bank

Money magiccan be used in a variety of situations. But for a stable improvement of the material situation it is best to domoney ploton a piggy bank. To perform the ceremony, you will need one note of average dignity and a new piggy bank. On Wednesday, lower the bill into the piggy bank and read the words of the prayer:

“I make money rituals, I attract bills in a piggy bank. So that the money went to my house, the road was not forgotten. One to one, the second to the second! And all to me! "

Repeat the conspiracy for money three times and leave the piggy bank in a prominent place. Every day, put there a coin or bill. The rite begins to operate immediately and soon you will see the first results. To improve the financial situation, to solve monetary problems and to settle in a home and family a wealth will help conspiracy for money.Ancient prayers, spells and ritualshelp you find a way out of even the most difficult situationincrease capital and get big money.

Plots of money and wealth

Wealth from the word GOD. God gives wealth. And this must be remembered. Money plays a significant role in our lives. And even if they say, “What is not in the money of happiness,” then they answer correctly, “And in their numbers.” How can a person learn to attract cash flows, wealth and wealth? You think that you are not lucky with money because of your karma, money passes by you, but it does not look to you, it’s often empty in your wallet, which means money magic will help you in your case . Become rich you will help conspiracies and rituals. After opening a money channel with the help of conspiracies, many people will become much easier materially. There are a lot of conspiracies to raise money, they have many names, but the goal is always the same - to increase their income in order to have a lot of money. When committing the sacrament of conspiracy, consider two important rules: all conspiracies for money and wealth, you must make on the growing moon and when you light a candle, do not use a lighter, just matches.

Plot for money and wealth

Nice simple plot, but strong enough, very well suited to new settlers.
In the church to buy 2 large candles, there you can order forty minutes for yourself about health. To give one candle to the altar for forty minutes, another to take home. For the next forty days, light a candle every morning that you brought from the church and pronounce the plot. After you read the plot, extinguish the candle. Let the candle burn in full, do not rush, if the candle burned out, buy a new candle in the church. If after forty days there is a candle end, on the last day of reading, let the candle burn out completely.

Plot text:
In the eastern side there is Mount Athos, on that mountain there is the Church of the Lord,
In that church is the throne of Christ.
As the Lord's throne stands in the middle of the altar, does not hesitate and does not move, it is eternally rich and holy,
So the slave’s house (slaves) (name) stood in the midst of the world of the whole, would not hesitate and move, would become rich and holy. Wealth in the house, and the trouble of the house. Amen.

Conspiracy on income growth and the arrival of money

To do this, you need to light a candle at dawn, cross the candle three times with a knife, after that you need to stick a knife near and pronounce the plot, all the time you need to look at the candle flame.The wax that will drain during the burning of the candle should be collected while still warm and making some wax balls. Take a small piece of red cloth and put your wax balls in there, fold it neatly, put it in a bag and tie it up with a red string. This bag must be hidden somewhere in a secret place, where you want profit growth (home, work, business).

Plot text:
On the sea of ​​Okijana stands an iron mountain, under an iron mountain, an iron oak stands,
Under the iron oak tree sits the maiden-beauty.
In the hands of the maiden the fire burns; whoever approaches the fire, he will find the wealth
The wealth in the house will bring, kids, feed all, and plenty of old men give to drink,
And he will not forget himself, the century will be. My word is an iron tyn, I throw the Key-Lock into the water, I drive Satan away. Amen.

Ritual for the arrival of big money

Buy five white candles in the church, light them at home, then cross them three times at once and say the plot. When all the candles burn out, roll the warm wax into one ball, and after it cools, put it in your wallet. You can ball, if it does not fit in your wallet, flatten.

Plot text:
Jesus Christ, support and hope, Priestnevo Marie, Isusova backwater,
They walked across the sky, carrying bags with money, bags opened, money fell.
I am a slave (servant) of God (name), walking along the bottom, I collected money, I brought it home,
Candles lit, distributed to her. Candles, burn, money, come to the house!
For ever and ever! Amen.

Plot for a good basis for future financial success

Take a green candle, pour clean water into a shallow bowl and throw a copper coin into this water. Light a candle, and when the candle burns well, drip wax from the candle into the water, but so that the wax falls directly on the coin and pronounce a conspiracy. After that, the water must be poured onto the ground, and the coin should be stored as a money talisman in your wallet and not shown to anyone.

Plot text:
As the hard to the soft turns, so will my wealth increase and affirm.
From day to day, from week to week, from year to year, from this minute to the end of ages.

Prayer for wealth

Wait for the growing moon, in an even number, take a bill, speak a bill on a plot, and then put it in a room in a corner for 7 days, then spend it. Repeat this procedure 3 times.

Plot text:
Like a lot of dirt in the swamp, fish in the water, and a lot of money to me.
A month to grow up - grow up, but give me a slave (slave) to God (name), give us wealth.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

Conspiracy to live in prosperity

Remove the wick from the wax candle, light it on both sides and spell the plot very quickly.

Plot text:
The fire is eternal, and my spirit is marked with gold, silver and all good. Amen.

A ritual for income to grow quickly.

The ritual is done with a full moon in a clear sky. For this you need: a few coins and bills of any value. Take this money and put it on the window sill, you can in another place, the main thing is that the moonlight should fall on the money. How to put money on the moonlight, say the plot three times in a row. Then go to another place, and let the money lie in the moonlight for a few more hours. Do not look at money during this time. After that, put this money in your wallet and spend a month. After a month has passed, spend. And again you can repeat the ritual. This money will constantly attract additional income in your wallet.

Plot text:
Moon-queen, you are silvered, gild, grow and grow.
So drink my light my money to grow and grow.
They drink moonlight money, they are growing by the hour, they are gaining strength, and my house is full.

Conspiracy on revenue growth

You will need a piece of bread. Speak on a piece of bread plot three times. After eating bread.

Plot text:
The grain fell to the ground, grown as a seedling, gilded with an ear, turned into bread.
As in the fields of bread, and money I have to heaven. As the bread grows - the ears of ear, so the wealth grows and is added. Amen.

To never transfer money

In the morning, immediately after waking up, even before washing, you need to take a comb with frequent teeth, brush your hair, and at the same time speak in a whisper a conspiracy, but at least five times, repeat.

Plot text:
Hair-hair, thicker to grow, money-money more like a friend.
Hair grow thick, and let the money live thickly. Amen.

To make money always abundant

When the night is starry, go outside, look at the sky and repeat the conspiracy nine times in a row.

Plot text:
Stars do not have numbers, money, I do not have a number.
And you can still so
As there are many stars in the sky, as there is enough water in the sea,
So that in my purse was a lot of money and always enough. Amen.

A plot to love you money

Until 12 o'clock in the afternoon, take a fruit, an apple or a pear, cut the fruit in half and say the plot out loud. After that, the fruit must be eaten.

Plot text:
I summon the spirit of money, I infuse it into a pear (apple). I eat a pear (apple), in the spirit of prosperity I fall over myself.
Love me, money, come to me money. Where is the spirit of wealth, there will come money. Amen.

A conspiracy for wealth to go

(suitable for raising the career ladder)

When a new month appears in the sky, bake buns, pies, and when you knead the dough, say a plot.

Plot text:
As you will grow the dough, grow and rise, so will I grow, in a position to rise, above people, in my own glory and in money. Amen.

In order to have more money

Speak a plot of 5 ruble coins, and always carry everywhere. After a month to spend, and to speak a new coin.

Plot text:
I follow a merchant to bargain, returning to the sable by a good fellow.
I bring home the treasure. God forbid, there was so much money to put nowhere. Amen.

To always have money in your wallet

The plot must be pronounced on a flock of birds flying in the sky, but only on Friday.

Plot text:
How many feathers will be born on them, so much money in a purse is not transferred.

Conspiracy to have more money in the house

At sunset, you must take 2 cups, always in different colors. Pour into one of the cups of silent water. Then open the window, you can window, light a candle. And, begin to pour water from one cup to another and at the same time quietly repeat the plot 7 times. After you perform the ritual, pour the water under the fruit tree, or you can under the oak and immediately go to bed.

Plot text:
Voditsa Queen, mother! On the native land you flow, stones, wash the grass, you add life.
As you flow and do not decrease, so the money to the servant of God (name) flows and does not decrease.
My word on the iron lock. Forever and ever. Amen.

In order for wealth to come to the house

To do this, you need to take a bit of sheep wool, you can instead take a piece of natural fur, pelts and pronounce the plot on this piece of natural material. After putting this piece in the place where no one will find it.Let the year lie. A year later, repeat with a new piece of natural material.

Plot text:
Sheep-sheep, went around the world, but wore a fur coat. The fur coat is all rich and warm, she came to my house, she brought me denezhek and heat. So, fill my house with silver — salary and other wealth! May my home be rich and full, all for the good, all for wonder. Be my words, strong and sculpting!

In order to always have money

Buy a church candle, take a small coin of dignity. Light a candle and a coin to hold over the flame and at the same time three times to utter a conspiracy.

Plot text:
You will be forever bringing money, I denounce thee as a breadwinner.

After this, wait for Holy Saturday, and go to the cemetery, find the grave with the same name as yours. Above the grave, three times read "Our Father", then put three candles green, cross three times, and say to the dead man:

The named servant of God (name) came to you not to disturb, but to help yourself.

Immediately sew the seam on your clothes and sew up the coin that you spoke at home. When you come home from the cemetery, prepare a handful of wheat (grains), and then wait for the first star in the sky, pour the wheat from hand to hand and read the plot.

Plot text:
As the stars in the sky do not count, As wheat grains in the field do not eat, So would I, a slave (slave) of God (name), On the ass is not in the shit, And in silver and gold. Jesus Christ, help me out, the Virgin Mary, welcome. Amen.

Conspiracy to raise money

This ritual must be performed on an even day at the full moon. Find aspens, dig a hole, put a coin in it, above which you must first read the plot and bury it.

Plot text:
God be with you, my soot. Grow sprout, live harvest. As the mouse doesn’t chew you up, the worm doesn’t exude, so that no one will surrogate my money. Amen.

Plot for profit

To do this, you need to throw a little salt (coarse) in a cup of water. Stir. In the evening, you need to drink 3 sips of salt water from a cup, immediately after this, wet your face with this water, and sprinkle a few drops of your collar on your neck and say a conspiracy.

Plot text:
Salt is salted to silver — I am changing it, collecting profit for myself. Salt to the shore is hot, I will preserve wealth forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.

To always have your money

Find some moss in the forest, bring it home, put it in the attic (entresol), the main thing is to have it over your head and say a plot.

Plot text:
As Mother-Earth has given birth to this moss, so in this house wealth will be born and it will never run out, it will never be crushed.

To amend their money affairs

On the day when the month of a young people is born, pour water into a glass and put it behind the curtain on the window. It is necessary that a glass of water stood until the full moon. Then wash it with this water and say a plot.

Plot text:
As you, month, was thin, but full of steel, so I have all the good to be full.

Conspiracy against poverty

Buy a non-tinted bird. Pinch it, take down the feathers in the field (or in a deserted place) and pour out the plucked feathers on the ground, saying the plot.

Plot text:
How many feathers, so much money. As this bird does not overgrow with a feather, so I will not happen to the poor. Amen.

Conspiracy to make money

In the autumn, when the leaves fall off from the trees, find aspen on the branches of which there are still many leaves. Clasp the aspen hands and shake, uttering a conspiracy.

Plot text:
As it is true that Judas hanged himself on an aspen and how many leaves fall at my feet, so let my wealth be as much and as much true. Amen.

In order to bring good luck in money

This plot must be read in the morning, always on an empty stomach, on a small piece of bread. After that, a piece of bread must be eaten.

Plot text:
O Lord our God, Jesus Christ, you have fed the five hungry breads, so feed my family and me, abundantly fed make my life, turn good luck to me, grief - turn away my misfortune. Let the road of joy and satiety in my house open, let the money come to me, and I promise to dispose of them wisely, for the benefit of all, but with the wisdom to multiply our Lord with glory. All the words of my key yes lock. Amen.

Ritual for wealth

Take a handful of rowan and speak a plot on the berries. After that, put the berries to the icons in your home.

Plot text:
You, Tsarina, Mother Ryabushka, spare me from the evil wickedness. As you redden the fruit of the fruit, so let me, God's servants (name), multiply money. For ever and ever. Amen.

In order to make money

Take a small coin in your house, hold it in your fist. After leaving the house on the street, and find a young Christmas tree. The Christmas tree should be beautiful and always young. Knock your coin on the trunk of the tree and say the plot 3 times.Then bury your coin shallowly, and sprinkle it with snow, leaves.

Plot text:
As young needles grow, so my money grows, not on sugar cake, not on lime tree, not on brew, not on pare, but on gold-silver and copper.

Ritual for quickly attracting money

(only when absolutely necessary)

Take ten coins of the same value, holy water, a bowl or a cup, two green candles. First light the candles and put a cup between the candles and pour holy water into it saying:
Let the pockets be filled, let the wealth come into the house, soon, as this cup, I fill it with water.
After that, take the coins, and start throwing them into the cup of holy water in turn, talking to each coin, one line from the list:

I desire wealth
I wish luck
I wish happiness
I wish gold
I wish silver
I wish abundance
I wish you health
I wish for help
I want money to come to my life
I wish it all, and so be it!

After you finish speaking to the coins, leave the cup between the candles until they are completely burned out.

In order to find money to buy an apartment or construction

In the morning, when you wash yourself, take honey, spread it on bread a bit and say a conspiracy. After that, eat bread with medoc on an empty stomach. Repeat the need once a week for one month.

Plot text:
The bee is a beehive, honey collects, collects guests. As everyone is drawn to honey, so money is drawn to me. A bee is a hive, I am a house. Beeswax, I - money.

 The material is updated regularly. If you know conspiracies and rituals to attract money, please share in the comments. Be rich!


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  • Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

    Plots of money and wealth

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    Plots of money and wealth

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    Plots of money and wealth