A variety of cosmetics for children

A variety of cosmetics for children

Sklyarenko Elina Olegovna


Any children's cosmetics should be carefully and gently cleaned. and moisturize the skin of the child, promote healing of diaper rash and protect skin from the negative effects of the environment.

To keep the baby’s skin always clean and tender, every mother should always have at hand the necessary hygiene products and nursery cosmetics.

Today on the shelves of shops and pharmacies a wide selection cosmetics for babies. These are various creams, wipes, emulsions, shampoos, bath products, soaps, body lotions, care products after sun exposure, massage oils, etc.

More recently, the market for children's cosmetics special the diversity did not differ, and the most famous of foreign brands was cosmetics Johnson baby, which is widely advertised. Our mothers, following the experience of grandmothers, friends from the Soviet times, children's creams in aluminum tubes bought, baby soap in paper packaging "Baby soap, nursery" and powder. Our Ukrainian market did not differ in special diversity, and very few people knew that There are many cosmetic lines abroad, baby care products, and even more so, they were unaware of such concepts as “baby wipes”, “protective cream under diapers, frost, or adverse weather "," bath foam " and so forth

In the past few years, the market of Ukraine appeared many cosmetic lines for the care of babies. I am glad that this is not only “Foreign companies”, but also ours, Ukrainian. Russian and Ukrainian cosmetic concerns that did not have cosmetics for children offered their designs, while others have expanded the range.

The market for children's cosmetics is probably one of the most complex. Great competition among manufacturers of children's cosmetics, scatter prices, product quality, a variety of baby care products, etc., not rarely brings moms into complete bewilderment to care for a delicate little body, hair, and at the same time, not to harm his health? How to understand countless jars, oils, tubes and powder ... "

There are certain requirements in the world to all children's cosmetics: hypoallergenic, natural base, the absence of artificial colors, and for detergents - neutral Rn That is why, the formulation of cosmetics for kids, regardless from the country and the manufacturer, in many respects the same.

Today we talk about a variety of children's cosmetics child care and see, in what cases and for what purpose is used this or that means.

Of all the "diversity" are the following groups of funds:

  • Cosmetic Milk, Lotion
  • Protective creams and skin care creams
  • Vegetable oils
  • Powders and Powders
  • Bathing foam
  • Shampoo for babies “Without tears”.
  • Baby soap
  • Napkins

Cosmetic Milk, Lotion

Baby milk gently cleanses the skin after using the toilet. soothes, moisturizes and protects baby's skin from irritation. Improving protective functions of the skin, and restoring its water-lipid balance, milk softens the skin, reduces the risk of redness and soothes irritation.

Recommend to use milk throughout day, during the change of diapers, instead of soap and water, to cleanse the skin and body.

Some manufacturers add related substances in baby milk that favorably affect the skin kids For example, allantoin, improves skin elasticity, keratan - strengthens it, and vitamins A and E normalize the metabolism in the cells.

For complete cleansing of the skin after applying the milk, It is recommended to use a refreshing cleansing lotion. It is a refreshing liquid. which should not contain alcohol. Lotion usually removes residual dirt. from the skin. True, not all baby care lines produce this product. Carefully read the instructions to determine the order of application of these cosmetic means. There are lines where special liquids are produced, or milk, which do not require rinsing after application. Lotions, like milk, moisturize and soften the skin, leaving a trace of purity and freshness.

For maximum convenience, some companies Add milk or lotion to cleansing wipes. It is very convenient if mom it is difficult to time or wipe the crumbs in time.

Protective creams and skin care creams

All children's creams are divided into mainly on:

  1. Protective(whose main function is protection skin from adverse external influences, sun, frost, wind, excessive moisture)

Protective creams help prevent diaper rash, redness on the skin of babies.

The composition of many prophylactic creams include a small amount of zinc oxide, which has healing properties, or all sorts of oils (avocado, calendula, chamomile, grape seed and etc.), which nourish, promote skin regeneration, as well as - allantoin, vitamins etc. Biologically active ingredients protect baby’s skin from cold wind and bad weather in winter, preventing its weathering and desquamation. Softening, insulating and antibacterial components of such creams, form a protective barrier on the surface skin, thereby removing irritation and “limiting” skin contact with adverse and environmental factors.These creams are called: protective cream under diapers, bad weather cream, ointment for the prevention of diaper dermatitis, etc.

  1. Moisturizers, anti-inflammatory creams, which relieve irritation, soothe, soften baby’s skin.

To maintain skin balance, it is recommended apply moisturizers that contain oils, moisturizing and sunscreen components, vitamins. These creams are applied to exposed areas of the body during walks.

  1. Sunscreens and oils.
  • sun glasses creams and oils
  • creams after sunburn

The skin of babies and young children is very sensitive and lacking melanin, so they are extremely necessary Sun protection. Serious cosmetic companies produce whole “sunscreens series "for children of different ages with different UVA, UVB filters that absorb hazardous solar radiation.

Sunscreens protect skin from redness, burns, depigmentation, dehydration and violation of elasticity. Such funds are applied for 15 - 20 minutes before a walk, or relaxing on the beach.

In such creams add protection factors. for the safe stay of the baby in the sun (at least 15 - 20), vitamins, oils ...

After sunbathing baby cream applied on the skin with the occurrence of redness, peeling, burns. They promote fast restore skin balance and heal minor wounds

Vegetable oils

To avoid irritation when in contact with water, diaper rash on baby’s skin before bathing must be lubricated with a thin layer of cleansing oils. Oil gently cleanses the skin, softens and disinfects it. Pediatricians recommend lubricate seborrheic crusts on the head of babies with oil, 20-30 minutes before bathing.

Oil can be applied after bathing, rubbing they are the whole body of a child. Oil is needed to soften and moisturize the skin after bathtubs, for cleansing the ears and toes of the baby, for stripping off the clan crust. Oils used to care for dry, flaky skin. Special moisturizers oils are used for massages and gymnastics from 1.5 months.

The composition of children's cleansing oils often includes oil wheat germ that moisturizes, nourishes and promotes skin regeneration.

The latest novelty in the market of children's cosmetics, steel aromatic oils for kids.Oils are produced as a separate product. or added to salt and bath foams. These oils are used for hygienic baths - relaxing the child, increasing the tone, improving mood, etc., and also, for therapeutic purposes (for skin problems, for bloating, before swaddling ...). Naturally, before using such a product, consult your doctor to avoid allergies in your baby.

Powders and Powders

Powders are used to dry the skin of babies, with problems of diaper dermatitis and irritations. Baby powder soaks up excess moisture and protects the skin from diaper rash.

Baby powder made on the basis of pure mineral talc without dyes and preservatives. The composition of some varieties powder includes zinc, which has healing properties.

You can not use together powdered powder and oil-creams. To avoid irritation, excess powder must be removed from the surface. skin.

Bathing foam

If your baby has dry skin, you can add to the bath specially designed bathing foam. A few drops of the substance dissolved in water, form a light foam that gently cleanses the skin and hair of the child. These products contain various natural ingredients that are suitable for children with of birth, they do not cause tears when they hit the eyes, they preserve the natural protective layer of the skin, have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-allergic act. Bath products protect baby’s skin from drying out and eliminate peeling.

Extracts are added to bathing products plants - succession, chamomile, calendula, wheat germ, etc.

Baby Shampoo “No Tears”

For the first hairs of babies are made soft. shampoos that do not pinch eyes - the formula "Without tears". Such funds do not contain Soaps and dyes.

Baby shampoos gently cleanse the hair and scalp baby thanks to herbal detergent ingredients that nourish the bulbs and improve the hair structure.

Baby shampoo should ease combing hair after washing and suitable for frequent use. As a rule, all children shampoos, as well as foam baths are made with the addition of plant extracts - series, chamomile, calendula, wheat germ, etc. Some western shampoos companies contain much more exotic components, for example, avocado extract, soybean seed proteins, etc.

Read the shampoo instructions carefully - not all products are suitable for babies. since birth. Often they produce shampoos for babies from 6 months old and older, and there are shampoos for children from 2-3 years old!

All parents should remember that any shampoo, even a child "without tears" should be thoroughly taken into contact with the eyes of a child. rinse with warm water to prevent irritation.

Baby soap

Baby soap should not contain substances that can cause skin irritation. These include alkalis, dyes and fragrances. When dissolved in water, the soap forms a gentle emulsion foam that gently cleanses the baby’s skin, has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and prophylactic antifungal act. Beauticians recommend that soap for children it was on a mild detergent base. Hard soap, even with softening additives are still made based on alkali (with the exception of very expensive imported soap made from soap plant components).

Very often, baby soap contains mink oil and palm oil, which gently cleanses, softens and moisturizes delicate skin.

In liquid structures it is possible to create neutral or close to acidic. Liquid soap is a part of many cosmetic series for children.

Baby soap is usually saturated with vitamins, improve the water balance of baby’s skin, herbal extracts anti-inflammatory and emollient properties, glycerin.

Baby soap prevents diaper rash, has a wound healing and light antiseptic effect due to the content extracts of chamomile, calendula, sage, oak bark, and natural coconut oil creates a stable foam.

Buying baby cosmetics for your baby, be sure Pay attention to the composition, shelf life and purpose of the tool. Try hard use products of proven reputable companies with a good reputation!

Well, if in the accompanying documents, and most often on the label of children's cosmetics are indicated age restrictions.Because there are care products for the youngest children, which can be safely used from the first days of a child’s life, and there are good ones quality products that can be recommended for children older than two - three years. Many cosmetic companies do not issue funds. for babies, because cosmetics for the youngest requires more thorough clinical analysis than for grown children.

Undoubtedly, children's cosmetics means not only products for babies. It includes cosmetic care products. skin of children under 12 - 14 years. It is believed that the water-fat balance of the skin, which determines her type is formed precisely to this age. Some companies produce separate lines for children older than two years.

That is why, in many creams - shampoos - oils, There are age restrictions.

Highly recommend buying funds child care only in cosmetic and specialty stores, pharmacies and large shopping centers, where you can see the certificate and be sure to buy quality products!

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  • A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children

    A variety of cosmetics for children